I Know You’re Mad at United but… (Thoughts from a Pilot Wife About Flight 3411)

Good to know. Because #FactsMatter.

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If there’s one thing I have learned over the years, it’s that there are always two sides to every story.

On April 9th, a very unfortunate incident played out on United Flight 3411, the video of which has since gone viral causing a mass social media uprising with an ‘off-with-their-heads’ mentality. I mean, across the board. Fire ’em all and let the gods sort it out later.

Look, I get it. When I first saw the video I was appalled too. To say that it was inflammatory would be putting it mildly. But it was also a situation that was escalated far beyond the boundaries of necessity.

If a federal law enforcement officer asks me to exit a plane, no matter how royally pissed off I am, I’m going to do it and then seek other means of legal reimbursement. True story.

Knowing what I know about airport security, I’m

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A Blue Mother’s Day

The Gap

I am so honored to say that this post was featured on one of the top Dodgers Fan sites on the web for Mother’s Day. I have had the pleasure of reading comments and similar stories from fans around the world over the last twenty four hours. Thousands of people are reading about my Ma and I can’t stop smiling about it. You can see my story on Dodgers Nation here.

Since the 2006 season, Major League Baseball players have worn pink when taking the field on Mother’s Day. In a dedicated fight against breast cancer, bearded men don pink wristbands, wear pink cleats and even wield pink bats on the second Sunday of May. With Mother’s Day on the horizon and Dodger baseball well underway, it seems like an appropriate time to share a story about baseball, cancer and my Momma.


Anyone ever forced to bear the news…

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Everyone Can Go to Japanese Disneyland


The reason there’s been a gap in writing my blog is because I was recently went to Japanese Disneyland and it was even better than the day I spent at Cafe Orleans tweeting viscious remarks about Dapper Day.  Here are some things to know about Japanese Disneyland:

  1. It is the only place in the world that matters
  2. if you didn’t already hate Disneyland because it is a shambling atrocity with a nametag of Walt hanging around its neck as it gibbers incomprehensibilities, devouring joy and defecating money, well, you will hate it now.

The price breakdown is easy: if you can afford to go to Disneyland for one half-day without Park Hopper™ (which, by the way, why would you need a Park Hopper™ when Disneyland Park is the only Disney theme park in California and to pretend otherwise is to admit that America’s Worst Mistake Besides Bob Iger Having Power…

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City of Light

The Gap



I had an entire post written about it.

I strung together words about the welcoming people I met and places I visited in the city by the Seine.

I wrote about the art and the cathedrals and the sculptures.

I  described the details of my enchanting evening in Saint-Germain. I wrote about the dinner I shared with new friends. The ambiance was palpable; the conversation, the food, the music… a night I shall never forget. I even got all poetic and whipped out my iPhone during dinner and typed a note about how I felt the ghost of Hemmingway swirl around me in the cigarette smoke.

Corny iPhone writing aside, I fell in love with Paris that night.

I also wrote about the warnings I received back in the States before leaving for France.

The French hate Americans.

Parisians are rude.

Pretentious. Stuffy. Arrogant

Tell them you’re from Canada.

I listened…

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