Everyone Can Go to Japanese Disneyland


The reason there’s been a gap in writing my blog is because I was recently went to Japanese Disneyland and it was even better than the day I spent at Cafe Orleans tweeting viscious remarks about Dapper Day.  Here are some things to know about Japanese Disneyland:

  1. It is the only place in the world that matters
  2. if you didn’t already hate Disneyland because it is a shambling atrocity with a nametag of Walt hanging around its neck as it gibbers incomprehensibilities, devouring joy and defecating money, well, you will hate it now.

The price breakdown is easy: if you can afford to go to Disneyland for one half-day without Park Hopper™ (which, by the way, why would you need a Park Hopper™ when Disneyland Park is the only Disney theme park in California and to pretend otherwise is to admit that America’s Worst Mistake Besides Bob Iger Having Power…

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